Wise Guys Pizza (1)

Wise Guys calls Columbia home. Although the other guys have corporate offices in states hundreds of miles away, Wise Guys has always called Columbia home. We know what you like because we live here too, and we’re able to keep your prices lower than the other guys by not paying franchise dues. A haven for college hunger. At Wise Guys, we know college students. We know you get hungry late at night, and we know you don’t like spending more than you have to on food. That’s why we’re open later than any other pizza delivery establishment in Columbia and have the best specials on large and extra-large pizzas to feed your deepest hunger. Whether you go to Mizzou, Stephens, Columbia, or you’re only in town for the weekend, let us feed you for less. The freshest ingredients mean the best pizza. At Wise Guys, if it’s not fresh, it’s not food. Everything that winds up on your pizza is prepared fresh on a daily basis. We roll our own dough, cook our own meat, grate our own cheese, and slice our own veggies daily in order to give you the absolute best-tasting, freshest pizza in town. Wise Guys has one of the largest delivery areas of any pizza store in Columbia, and we’re serious when it comes to delivering your meal to your door. On this page you can view our approximate delivery area, view some common frequently-asked questions related to pizza delivery, and read some tips from the Wise Guys to help maximize your pizza delivery experience. We do accept any advertised coupons but, Coupons must be presented to the delivery driver in order to recieve advertised discounts! Notes There is a $2.50 per order delivery charge. The Wise Guy that takes your order will be able to tell you more precisely if your address is within our radius or not. By default, our order-to-delivery time is 45 minutes. If it’s particularly busy (i.e. during MU athletic or social events), or if it’s raining or snowing, our delivery time may increase. The Wise Guy who takes your order will give you a more approximate time when you call.

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