Our approach to coffee brewing is a carefully calculated science that we have perfected over the years. Within each cup we serve, you can expect a harmonious combination of quality, complexity, and balance.The Lakota Difference


The Perfect Grind


Brewing the Perfect Cup



We consider in-house roasting and brewing to be a form of art.  Each brew is carefully crafted and carries artisanal notes throughout. We are passionate about the brews and roasts we create, as each one is unique.  In addition to providing a diverse array of coffee beans from around the world, we take a unique approach in our roasting technique. We roast our coffee beans a bit deeper than most, with personal attention to each batch.  Each type of coffee is roasted by hand to exacting standards, guaranteeing the following:

* A very smooth roast; in other words, the coffee is roasted with a nice even heat or temperature, creating consistent color and overall quality.

* Each batch gets personal attention, bringing out the very best of the unique characteristics that each coffee has to offer.

* Small batches guarantee freshness.

* Is cooled by air. Many coffee roasters use a water quenching method to cool the coffee and stop the roasting process, damaging the quality of the coffee.

Read more about our coffee philosophy.

  • To all at Lakota Coffee Roasting Co: “Our guests love your products and we are so grateful to serve them such a consistently delicious brew! We tip our hats to you as well for allowing small programs at your establishment such as the gathering on Sunday, March 7 by the man form Bear Butte in North Dakota.” “You folks do good work – take a bow!” “Also, you get very high marks for your convenient delivery service! Fill your cup, drink it up, and enjoy.” University Avenue Bed and BreakfastGratefully…. Willa and Susan, Inkeepers
  • “My wife and I began to frequent Lakota Coffee Roasting Company when we were in college and dating during the fall of 1994. Lakota was one of our favorite places in Columbia; and still is 11 years later. I graduated in the fall of 1997, and spent the next six years in southern California. A job change has moved us now to Boston, MA. Every coffee house my wife and I have visited across the country, we compare to Lakota. So far no other coffee comes close to Lakota coffee in product consistency. The coffee maintains bold richness, depth, and strength while remaining very pleasant and drinkable. Of course the wood floors, brick walls, and rustic woody furniture make Lakota a warm, comfortable place to enjoy the best coffee I’ve had in the last decade. Good job – keep it up!” “-Lakota holds almost legendary status between my wife and I as part of our college years and dating years. There remains a very special place in our hearts for Lakota and the experiences we shared here.David and Tawnya
  • “When I travel to different cities around the country, I always look for the best local coffee shops, and have yet to find a place that can rival the quality and variety of the coffees offered at Lakota. Even in Italy, France, and Spain I never had any better coffee than Lakota’s. We are lucky that the coffee experts at Lakota chose Columbia as home to one of the finest coffee shops. I never make coffee at home; I just stop in Lakota to start my day. The friendly folks at Lakota take good care of me.” Michael Cusack Sales Manager Columbia, MOMichael Cusak
  • “I just want to let you know that you guys have the best coffee I have ever tasted. I have ordered coffee from a dozen or more coffee companies around the country. When I used to order coffee from other companies, it just never did it for me. When I order from you guys, I can literally smell the coffee before I even open the box. I refuse to order coffee from anywhere else.
    Thanks for keeping me going.”Lauren Core – Favorite Coffee: October Blend
  • “Dear Lakota Family, I order coffee from you guys every month. I normally always order the Mocha Java. I have a very busy schedule and your wonderful coffee keeps me going.
    You guys rock!”Jane Hover – Favorite Coffee: Mocha Java


At Lakota Coffee Company, we take our coffee seriously.  Although we’re located in the heart of the United States, we don’t let that stop us from bringing you a wide variety of specialty-coffee selections from all over the world.  We source our beans from the highest of altitudes in places such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii, just to name a few.

Located in the heart of downtown Columbia, MO, and now our South location at 3111 Green Meadows Way, Lakota Coffee Company provides a diverse menu, as well as genuine smiles from our baristas across the counter who are always happy to help.  We offer breakfast and lunch menus that provide delicious food.  Our coffee shop provides more than just coffee.  It gives students a relaxing place to study and a cozy atmosphere to chat with friends.  We also provide coffee lovers a place to experience hand-crafted coffee from all over the world.  If you can’t seem to get enough of our coffee, we understand.  We sell our coffee beans and grounds by the pound, available for purchase in store and online.

Experience coffee from around the world at Lakota!

We value our coffee house guests.  Therefore, you can always count on us for providing trustworthy information regarding the origins of our coffee. We encourage you to follow your coffee’s journey from the high altitudes where we source our green coffee to the cup of excellence that we serve in our coffee shops. We are committed to providing amazing coffee and specialty-drinks, wonderful food, excellent customer service, and of course a warm,  inviting atmosphere.  Enjoy!

Stop by our Columbia, MO coffee shop today and experience the Lakota Difference!


24 S 9th St,
Columbia, MO 65201

(573) 874-2852
 Mon-Sat: 6am-12am
Sun: 6:30am-12am
Closing at 11pm in the summer, on holidays, and during school breaks.
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3111 Green Meadows Way
Columbia, MO 65203

(573) 499-9901
 Mon-Sun: 6am-12am
Closing at 11pm during school breaks.
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Coffee Kiosk
University of Missouri Hospital
1 Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO 65201

(573) 884-4766
 Mon-Fri: 6:30am-9pm
Sat-Sun: 6:30am-7pm