We opened our doors in October, 2015 — but in case you haven’t made it by yet, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Heart, Body, & Soul Mid-MO’s one-stop shop for centered, conscious living.  Playful and welcoming, powerful and inspiring – this is a place about being true and becoming whole…and having fun along the way. 
Here you will find kindred souls and resources for your individual spiritual journey — whatever path or tradition that may be.  (And if you’re a spiritual seeker interested in exploring different paths and traditions, you’ll find plenty here to explore!) Check out the awesome stuff we have to offer in The Core of the Store and the gifted services offered by our Affiliate Partners. We’re sorry to say most of our Classes & Events are still on hold and probably will continue that way until Fall of 2021.  (Hint — best way to stay up on latest is to follow us on Facebook or Instagram!) 
You can find us at 1004 W. Worley St. in Columbia, MO. We do still require everyone to wear masks and have free ones on site if you forget to bring one with you!  (If you can’t wear a mask or just don’t want to, no worries.  We are happy to offer both curbside pick-up and mail order delivery.  Give us a call at 573-777-6771 or  message us through our Facebook page — and we’ll get you taken care of!) 
 See you soon!

…where your journey begins!