Why Solar.

Solar is a great investment.

Panels come with a 25-year warranty and give you a fixed price for electricity for a quarter century. Average electric prices have gone up by 3.8 percent each year. Over 25 years that could mean an increase of 95 percent from your current rates.

How Life Solar Works.

Solar is a great investment.

We use our computer program to assess your consumption and future needs. We then project how many panels you will need. We can then project your savings over time. We help you get all of the financial rebates and incentives available from Ameren and the Government for your installation. We will help you find financing as well if needed. So you end up with an instantly lowered monthly bill, at a guaranteed rate for 25 years.

The Life Solar Difference.

It’s never been so easy to get started.

We guide you through the process and service your system to keep it running. Many firms disappear after the install. We use top quality solar panels made in the USA. Some firms will sell you inferior panels because they feel you don’t know any better. We also make sure that our initial assessment is highly accurate, as other firms rush this and either sell you too many or too few panels, costing you money.