For more than 55 years, The Add Sheet! has continuously evolved to connect local people with deals from small businesses. This journey has seen changes in ownership, format and an expansion into digital options, all in the pursuit of better service and more effective reach.

As of June 2024, The Add Sheet! has consolidated its printed edition into Marketplace Magazine, now serving as the primary section for deals and offers. This strategic move not only allows the community to access coupons more efficiently but also enables the company to significantly reduce its carbon footprint by cutting down on production and transit. Additionally, these changes help keep advertising rates affordable, ensuring that local businesses can continue to reach their audience effectively.

The new printing and distribution schedule brings a renewed emphasis on digital strategies for the brand. This includes a revitalized social media presence, an updated website, and the revival of “The Big Deal” featuring exclusive offers and gift cards at exceptional values (often 50% or more off). These digital advancements provide even more opportunities for readers to discover and take advantage of local deals.

Small businesses can continue to rely on The Add Sheet! to reach more than 30,000 households per month, with online reach extending even further. Advertising rates remain accessible, starting at just a few hundred dollars, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Adding to the excitement, The Add Sheet! is bringing back the Add Sheet Street Fleet campus events, held on the MIZZOU campus. These unique pop-up events will take place at Speakers Circle on Wednesdays from 8 AM to 1 PM (or until all promo items and publications are distributed), offering local companies a vibrant platform for collaboration and feature opportunities.

Stay updated with copies of The Add Sheet! and Marketplace Magazine available at FREE PICK UP stands throughout mid Missouri. For more information and to explore digital opportunities, visit:

With these exciting changes, The Add Sheet! continues to provide valuable content and unbeatable deals, all while contributing to a more sustainable future.