In it’s 50th year, the ADD Sheet is looking pretty “flipping” good. With the turn of the decade comes a new format and “resolution-accomplishing” distribution changes.

The flashy cosmetic-counter handbook-like value publication has made some exciting improvements. Columbia will notice:

  1. It’s got a brand new brand image that’s 100% bigger & 100% more yellow!
  2. You can now use 100% of the offers inside- the special new layout places offers right side read to successfully eliminate overlapping coupons.
  3. Offers last 2X as long- keep your ADD Sheet for 60+ days or find a new one every 30 days on one of our FREE racks.
  4. 2X as many people will benefit from the ad your business places inside- we’re going to be hitting new audiences on a round-robin format. Reach out to learn more: [email protected]
  5. The company carbon footprint is reduced with less plastic distribution bags used and less individualized vehicle traffic/pollution.

If you haven’t seen the new design. This 50th Anniversary video shows the new skin.

The 50th Anniversary Edition Unveil of The ALL-NEW ADD Sheet!

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate in our 50th year and bring you plenty of exciting new offerings. Just don’t forget to pick it up and….