Check out the new BIG DEAL! program brought back by popular request.

What’s the BIG DEAL!?

It’s your way to save 50% or more on everything you do and love in Mid-Missouri. From massage therapists to restaurant gift cards, automotive repair and interior/exterior cleaning- you can save big money with the BIG DEAL!

How’s it work? (For the BIG DEAL BUYER)

Companies offer you 50% or more off of their product or service to win you over as a new customer. Hopefully, they HOOK you! Then, you stay a customer because you love them and what they do. You purchase the product or service on our site… get a certificate or code.. and redeem it with the business. We take care of everything else.

How’s it work? (For the BIG DEAL BUSINESS)

People are searching for EVERYTHING! That includes your product and service. However, everyone likes a good deal… especially when they are risking spending their hard-earned money on a first time purchase or experience. That’s why we connect the middle ground by selling them a BIG DEAL! You tell us what you offer, what price to offer it at, how many are available, how long to offer it for, and then we process the payments and let you know when they act and who your new customer is. Best part is, every new customer builds a credit for you to use on advertising your business with the ADD Sheet and MAAD Creative’s other family of products (or you can take the cash out option).

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